Jennifer Gammill, Professional Organizer

Jennifer Gammill, Professional Organizer

Getting Started with Decluttering and Organizing

Getting Started with Decluttering and Organizing

This is how decluttering, organizing and moving services work with Organize Today Memphis:

  • Step 1: Initial Call / Email / Text

    Tell me about your organizational project and I will have follow-up questions to help me best serve you. If you are ready to book, we will look at dates and times that work.

  • Step 2: In-Home Consultation

    An optional 60-minute assessment to study the area to be organized. I will develop a game plan and determine next steps. In-home consultation fees ($75) will be refunded upon purchase of 15 hours of organizing services.

  • Step 3: Let’s Get Organizing

    Services will be tailored to your unique needs and goals. We will break the project down to smaller pieces, starting with your highest priorities. You can determine your level of involvement in the project. Together we will determine the best ways to remove unwanted items and create a plan to purchase additional items, if needed. Our fees start at $50 an hour for one organizer.

A small investment in organizing pays off.

  • Save Time by not looking for items
  • Save Money by not rebuying items you already own
  • Save Energy by not having a chaotic life
  • Save Brainpower by creating routines
  • Save Yourself by being a better you

When to Hire a Professional Organizer?

It is always a good time! You know that organizing your home and office is an investment in your life. You will save money, time and your sanity. You will have better relationships by arguing less with your family and have more time for the activities you enjoy. You will never miss the stuff and will breathe a sigh of relief. Chaos is gone. Calm is here to stay.

It is time to give yourself a break and call in some help.

You have:

  • Too much on your plate
  • No time or desire to start a new project
  • Physical limitations
  • An upcoming move to prepare for

You need:

  • An objective outside opinion
  • Great ideas and resources
  • Physical help
  • Project planning and follow through

Let's Get Started!

I’ll help you ease your stress and work with you to get your home in peaceful order.